Who are we?

Connie is a New Jersey native with a penchant for planning exciting adventures, camping, snowboarding, and eating.  She especially enjoys the latter after participating in the formers.  Connie is of the Asian persuasion; though you wouldn’t know it when she eats, aside from her occasional (and delicious) home-made fried-rice!  She currently resides in South Carolina.

Jessica is a nomad and has lived all over the United States.  She pretty much enjoys the same things that Connie enjoys, only add cooking to eating and then add the propensity to randomly burst into tone deaf song and white girl dance.  While suffering from a rather pale, tan-resistant complexion, she seems to enjoy more Asian foods than her Asian counterpart.  She currently resides in Alexandria, Virginia.

Jessica & Connie met at their workplace in late 2007 and through their mutual love of many things, became close friends.  Though separated now by over 500  miles, their friendship has endured and part of it has blossomed into this blog.

The significance of “egg” and “twinkie” is a reflection of our belief that it’s A-OK to look forward to meals full of both nutritional value and guilty pleasures. The intent of this blog is to share our love of Life and Food!


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