Today, I went to the mall.  On the way back home I glimpsed the most wonderful thing I’d seen all day.  I gasped with delight and turned around and pulled into the parking lot of Crate & Barrel OUTLET!  Yes, outlet.  I went inside brimming with excitement.  Oh the delightful serving dishes and colorful kitchen wares I was destined to find!  And did.  Below, is my haul.

Ok so the pillows aren’t for the kitchen, nor is the lantern.  But aren’t they cuuute!

The pillows are for our brown leather couch.  Fiance has been complaining about the previous pillows for years.  They have down in them and poke you in the face.

The lantern was just because I love lanterns, especially when they’re pale green.  Now, check out those kitchen thingies!

Holy nested colorful delightful ceramic bowls!

Check out the cookie cutters:  squirrel, acorn, leaf – Adorable!

I’ve been wanting a glass water bottle for the fridge and a glass wine decanter for Fiance’s wine.

Those shiny jewel toned plates?  I could faint. Perfect!  Those purple plum & cherry and striped kitchen towels…oh my, now that I’ve seen them, I can’t live without them.

Now, my fiance and I do not agree on several things.  One of them being how many kitchen thingies I need.  He will never understand how NECESSARY all of these things are to my soul.  Without them, I might die.  After making fun of me for buying more bowls and glassware he left to go to the living room to watch manly things.  He chose Man vs. Wild.