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Twinkie here.  During our foodie reunion weekend, Egg and I were delightfully whisked away to a 2 hour Parisian dream, in the form of a quaint little French bistro in Atlanta, GA called Atmosphere.

Atmosphere French Restaurant

Let me just preface this post by letting you know that I really enjoy French food.  It’s so rich and buttery and savory and mmm, just thinking about it makes my mouth water.  I spent 2 weeks in Paris a couple of years ago and I would seriously considering moving there just so I could eat their food.  Everyday.  I’ve had French food here in the states on different occasions as well, but it just never really measures up to food made in France.  A little disappointing, but of course, expected.

But this place, ah.   We started out with some appetizers — escargot!! These were perfect.  They weren’t chewy but had a good consistency that made you forget what you were actually eating (snails, in case you didn’t know. And not dinky little snails.  Big juicy ones!)  And the sauce it came in was so deliciously garlicky, buttery, and parsley-y; the perfect combination in my mouth.  It reminds me of Remy the rat from Disney Pixar’s Ratatouille, when he was describing different foods, and when you combine them — BAM!  An explosion in your mouth!  And yes, the escargot was just like that.  And I think the very best part was sopping your bread in those little quail egg sized compartments filled with savory goodness.  In case you couldn’t tell, I really liked the escargot.

Escargots de Bourgogne

I also had the Duck Confit.  Duck is good.  I’m Asian — Peking duck is hard to beat.  But duck confit would be a close second.  It’s probably so delicious because duck is in itself very fatty, and duck confit is soaked in its own fat.  Not the healthiest, but possibly the tastiest!  The meat was cooked perfectly and was practically falling off the bone (barely hit the plate before it was shoveled into my mouth.)  The dish came with mushroom ravioli (which always reminds me of that scene in Twilight — did I just lose all my readers? Hey I didn’t say I liked Twilight, just that it reminded me of it!)  There were actual chunks of mushrooms in the ravioli, which is always nice when in any other place you’d expect a chopped up piece here or there.  It all came plated with a thick red wine sauce, which was a little on the salty side for my taste, but the flavor was still really good.

Confit de canard Atmosphere

Egg ordered the Truite Amandine, which was a filet of trout in a lemon butter glaze with capers and almonds. It also came with a nice spread of vegetables, including asparagus, carrots, and potatoes. It sure looked good from my side of the table! I love me some capers, but I think she was still jealous of my wild mushroom ravioli : )

Initially, I was debating between ordering the duck confit or the Coquilles St. Jacques (sautéed scallops.)  The waiter said his absolute favorite was the confit so I went with that.  But lucky for me, our friend MK ordered the Coquilles St. Jacques, so I got to try some : )  I had a bite of scallop drenched in “Truffle Parmesan Emulsion.”  Truffles?  Gooood.  Parmesan?  Gooood.  Emulsion?  Well I’m a Materials Science major so I’ll have to go with… Gooood!

So in case you hadn’t quite gotten the picture, this place was Gooood.  Very authentically French, prices and all!  The restaurant was not cheap, but I think it is well worth its price (thanks MK!!)  But just think, in France, the prices would be the same — in Euros!  : )

Thumbs up, Atmosphere.  You made my tummy a happy one!